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Sooooo if you never had the chance to see my Instagram Live with Encore Nurses last week, that’s okay!! I wanted to share my Botox experience with you all! I solely believe that you can enhance features without going overboard. I enjoy sharing these pieces of my personal life. I have had minimal procedures and it has raised my confidence level. I am truly blessed beyond measure but we all have our insecurities. If you feel that a little Botox every now and then will make you feel confident, then baby, by all means, DO IT!

There are so many women AND men that get Botox, but just do not speak on it. (Which is totally fine of course) I wanted you all to witness first-hand how easy and pain-free my experience was. I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Encore Nurses. Y’all, they are trained so well it was a little mind-blowing. LOL

Here is how a first-time appointment should go….


  1. At home, the client goes to www.encorenurses.com->to schedule->and fills out the new client registration form. ( I did it because it was a quicker process for the nurse and myself)
  2. Dr. Castillo or Dr. Appleton (one of the Medical Directors)  review the client’s health history and upon approval, Encore Nurses reaches out to schedule an appointment.
  3. Prior to the appointment, the nurse releases the consent forms to the client to sign ahead of time. If the client doesn’t do this ahead of time, no big deal, they do it at the appointment.

Pre-Botox pointers:

If possible, avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), and/or naproxen (Aleve) the week before treatment. These medications can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Other things that increase the chances of bruising include garlic, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort, and omega-3 capsules, as well as consuming alcohol within the 24 hours pre-treatment.

Day of appointment:

  1. The client comes in and a series of photos are taken with the iPad.  The nurse assesses for any changes to the client’s health history.
  2. Numbing cream is applied if the patient chooses to numb (this adds about 20 minutes to the appointment). Since the needles are so tiny, most people find the injections easily tolerable without numbing, but they do make it available for a nominal fee.
  3. The nurse will discuss treatment goals and potential price constraints with the client, and then “mark up” the client’s photos with dosing recommendations.
  4. The nurse will send the photos to Dr. Castillo or Dr. Appleton with details on the client’s treatment goals (i.e. patient wants to maintain some movement in the forehead, patient prefers no movement…or whatever the patient’s preference may be) via a HIPAA-compliant device to ensure privacy. The physician will view the photos and respond by either agreeing with the nurse’s dosing or adjusting/suggesting changes. This constitutes the medical order.
  5. If they have not been signed, the nurse will have the client sign consent forms and discuss pre- and post-treatment plans as well as address any questions.
  6. Once the patient, doctor, and nurse decide on a treatment plan, the nurse takes payment on her iPad with a debit or credit card.
  7. If the patient has used numbing cream and sufficient time has passed, it is then removed. The nurse prepares the Botox and cleanses the client’s treatment areas with an alcohol swab.
  8. The nurse marks the client’s face with a wax pencil at the injection sites and visualizes those sites with the Accuvein vein finder to help avoid bruising.
  9. The nurse utilizes the Syris Polarizing Headlamp to visualize vasculature (veins) while injecting.
  10. The nurse will inject the Botox, holding pressure on each area, and then wiping away the wax pencil marks.

I only received 4 Units of Botox on my forehead lines. They were never bad but I wanted to use it as a preventative for later. I was not nervous at all and I did not use any numbing cream. I bruise like a banana and didn’t bruise at all. 🙏🏻





Anywho, when the ladies started to explain their hiring and training process for Encore Nurses, they weren’t kidding when they said it was intense. Each nurse trains many, many hours with Medical Directors Dr. Castillo and Dr. Appleton (who also offer CME courses to other doctors and nurses that fly in from around the country to benefit from their expertise)!  They take classes and go through dozens and dozens of cases, learning dosing and specific anatomy. They even have to inject dummies before being approved to treat patients!  After all that they still go through hours of supervised treatments before becoming a Certified Botox Injection Specialist.

Here is a diagram showing you areas on the face where you can receive Botox.








It has been 10 days and each day I could definitely see a world of difference but today being the 10th day, made it the game-changer. The nurses start very small when it comes to units because they don’t want you to look frozen and of course risking the drop of your brow positioning. They would rather touch up and tweak the treatment plan for next time than over-do it the first time.


What does the term Unit mean?

I have been getting a ton of questions regarding the “Units” and what that actually means. I was curious myself honestly. lol

Botox comes as what looks like a film in the bottom of the vial. The nurse reconstitutes it per package instructions and one vial makes 100 units.

The syringes they use are small with a teeny tiny needle. Regardless, they don’t base dosing by the syringe.

10 lines on one of the syringes equals 4 units so 2.5 lines is 1 unit. I only received tiny 4 units. Encore Nurses customizes doses based on individual need.

If you have to be injected multiple places, the nurse would use a number of syringes based on dulling the needle.  It’s more comfortable for you if the needle is sharp.

Dosage is also based on the area of treatment. If I received treatment around my eyes and scowl, she would have pulled up dosing consistent to my needs: typically one syringe per crows feet area, one for forehead and one for scowl for a total of 4 syringes.





If your considering Botox for the first time or would like to speak with a nurse yourself, first-time Encore Nurse patients can use the promo code AHOH1 and will be eligible to receive every unit for only $10!!!!!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. I am so excited and hope you get an opportunity to experience this with Encore Nurses!!































Thank you so much Dr. Castillo, Rita, Cara, Carrie and Shanti for welcoming me with open arms and giving me the best experience!





Videographer/Photographer: Chris Rodarte


Don’t forget to check out their website at www.encorenurses.com





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