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Well hellurrrrr! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks!! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! I promise I will get back on my roll because I have many outfits to share and so little time!! Any who, I have been waiting FOREVER on this sweater to be restocked and it finally is!!! PRAISE JESUS it’s under $40 and ladies, it is so soft. I must say it was one of the main reasons I purchased it and (haha I feel like a snuggle bunny) I also purchased it in Green too! The jeans aren’t $40 🙈 but on the real no lie, they are worth every penny. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “They hug in all of the right places!” These chunky heeled booties make a statement with any outfit and they were only like $30!!


Once again I am wearing @wearhazel as my jewelry accessories. She is the best y’all! The quality of her jewelry is amazing and they make great statement pieces. The earrings I am wearing are so lightweight I forget I have them on! haha

Below, I have tagged a few Kate Spades that are similar and maybe a Brown bag or two to switch it up. I do not know why, but they do not make this Kate Spade anymore!! 😭😭😭

I think you could totally wear this outfit on a date night when it gets cooler. You could also pair it with the BLANK DENIM leather jacket I tagged below! I am absolutely in love with it. You think I could possibly be ready for Fall? lol



I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week as I am sending good energy & positive vibes your way!

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