Plaid, Skinnies & Fall Feels

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Happy FRI-YAY everyone!! It is still hot as Hades here in South Carolina and I don’t see it cooling off anytime soon! LOL Isn’t it funny how in the Fall/Winter we typically want warmer weather and in the Spring/Summer (mainly Summer) we want cooler weather? 😂 maybe I am just a weirdo lol then again my friends do tend to call me Elsa because I keep our house LITERALLY freezing at ALL times 🙈

Anywho!!!! This outfit screams Fall does it not? I absolutely adore this top from American Eagle and right now they are having a HUGE SALE!!! Anything that screams “SALE”, you already know I’m there. I got this flannel for only $29!!!! These jeans were from the Nordstrom Sale of course for only $99! If you’ve read any of my recent posts, you would already know how obsessed I am with them. They are soft, stretchy and hug in all of the right places, not to mention they go with everything. They are running out of sizes and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends on August 6th, which means the prices go back up to their original price, so if I were you I would hurry and snag a pair…just trust me! If your questioning yourself, then ask yourself THIS question. Quality or Quantity? When I go shopping I really look into the quality of the product or brand because for THIS GIRL right here….money doesn’t grow on trees. I recommend doing your research when your shopping online or even shopping in a retail store. There may be a popular brand out there that your interested in, but the quality might not be so great OR it could be exactly what they say it is. Trial and error and ALOT of research.

These adorable shoes are so comfortable that I bought them in Black AND considering purchasing them in other colors too, if I can find any! I wore them to my sisters graduation in Clemson, SC a few months ago and wore these babies for 12 hours and my feet did NOT hurt all day!!! Another reason I really love these Espadrilles is because they add a little height and elongate the legs. Now who doesn’t love a pair of heels that lengthens those legs? I am 5’6″ and I seriously enjoy a little bit of extra height! (I know I sound crazy right? I told you I am a weirdo 😊) The way I see it is, if it makes me feel beautiful and confident then I am going to do what makes ME happy, and you should too!!

You could totally rock this outfit for a casual date night or pair the top with shorts for a concert!! AYYYYEEEE I think we are catching on to something here! 💁🏼

I just got word that its supposed to storm here shortly but I have enjoyed my Friday so far and I hope all of you beautiful souls have too! I hope your weekend is as amazing as you are and only positive vibes come your way.

I am going to link below everything I am wearing in this outfit as well as a few others that may be a cheaper option for you. The highlighted pair of Espadrilles that I tagged up top are going to be the cheapest if price is what your targeting the most. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t participate with Reward Style which is why I had to link it that way.  I will also make sure I add a few pairs of other shoes/boots/booties with different price ranges that would suit Fall & Winter weather with this outfit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! That is what I am here for!

Jeremiah 29:11

Photography by the one and only : Jessica O’Keefe







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