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Okay so you know those sweaters that you just wear over and over and over again? I have come to the conclusion that this is going to be one of them for me. So I am not sorry in advance for many posts in this one. I love those cozy sweaters that are thick but you can still breathe if you catch my drift. I am obsessed with the open shoulders.
I couldn’t believe that this sweater was under $60 considering the durability and the quality. Typically a good sweater like this goes for much more and I want one that I can wear over and over again. You could totally dress this up or down. Omg, with a Brown Suede Skirt and some boots!? YAS!!!

I wanted to make this look a little different and change it up by adding a pop of color this time though making that pop of color these Lucky Booties! I bought these booties in both colors too lol 🙈 my per usual problem. I love the chunky heel and they are surprisingly comfortable too.

Now to these skinnies, oh em gee you will be seeing these in a lot of Fall posts 😂 So dang soft and they hug in all of the right places. I am so glad I decided to purchase them thats for sure.

Fun-ny Fact: The entire time Jessica O’Keefe and I were shooting…ya’ll I left my car running the ENTIRE time because I was sweating so much. 😂😂 Can you just see me now in a sweater in 80 degree weather? hahahaha trust me it was as hilarious as it sounds.

I am going to tag everything below! So shop away and don’t forget to think about the other outfits I mentioned you could pair it with!!!


I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their week!

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