Nordstrom Favs

Click on the images to shop a few of my favorite things:

SO I chose a few different choices with this collage, Wanna know why? Because that is what I was in the mood for and if I could I would totally go for a style like one of these ANY DAY of the week.

1st: So I chose the plaid because honestly, I feel like you can wear plaid year round. Well if the weather is good. BLACK ripped pants 🙏🏻 Praise Jesus Hallelujah yes mam gimme all the Black Jeans possible and especially these babies. QUALITY vs. QUANTITY! Please don’t get me started on the booties. I have a shoe problem and Chuck has tried to help me control it and well…its kind of working….(not really) I can’t help my I love my shoes! These are so comfortable and so worth the price.

2nd: I chose a long sweater because I honestly feel like you can wear a long sweater year round (depending on where you are) but basically whenever its necessary or you want to feel comfortable. I love darker shades, especially Greens. It not only thins but it can make an entire look come together. ( For instance the shoes I can’t wait to talk about). These shorts are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of shorts I have ever worn. Seriously, y’all they fit so well that I didn’t feel uncomfortable throughout the day or felt like I needed to pull a “wedgie” hahaha Now lets talk the booties….you guys…I had to think LONG and HARD about these babies….wanna know why? Because where I live it is not really normal to walk around wearing metallic booties, but wanna know something else? I DON’T CARE! I am seriously obsessed and not only do they fit well, they are true to size and they are comfortable, I say go for it!! Trust me you will NOT regret it.

3rd: So, I actually linked a few different tees in case one ended up being sold out which they are selling fast so you better run for it! I love how simple these tees are. I literally have one in ALMOST every single color. Click here for the other option. They are very soft and an easy add on.

Quick Tip: When washing these tees make sure you hang to dry. I do this with most of my clothes anyways but its better to be safe than sorry. The material is high quality so I am sure you can dry it if you wanted, I just think it helps the Tee last a little longer when you hang it to dry.

Ladies, these pants are on another level! I put them on and they hugged in all of the right places. They are also very soft and if your looking for a good pair of jeans that will last a long time. There ya go! BOOM! Now these loafers, can we just talk about the print for a second?! Yes Yes AND YASSSSSS! I added them to this outfit because HELLO that is all the outfit needed other than the jewels and the bag! They do run small so I would order a size up, and hurry because they are selling out hella fast also.

4th: I had to add in a workout set because it is very easy to get distracted by all of the good outfit findings but what about your every day workouts? You want to look cute right? EXACTLY!! This jacket forms to your body and has a drop stitch in the back to help cool you off when your warming up! It comes in Black & Burgundy and you can’t get the jacket without the adorable workout pants to go along with it….or at least I couldn’t 🙈 I have literally 10 pairs of running shoes (I know I know GAH ALYSSA) and a pair of Nikes that look just like this. They are the perfect running shoe and I honestly take the Black & White ones when I travel and I know I will be walking a lot. Highly recommend these babes.


Don’t forget to click on each picture shown above to check out a few of my favs from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I can’t wait to hear what your favs have been too! If you have any questions about sizing, etc. Please don’t hesitate to ask. That is what ya girl is here for! Until next time!




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