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Okay so I apologize for not being on top of my blog posts 🙁 You guys my old computers life ended. I was a wreck! haha Just trust me lol The other day it took me two and a half hours to write a paragraph and it took me forever to search the web and ya girl just does not have time for that mess. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!! Was it just me or has July been a crazy month for us all? I swear sometimes I feel like a can’t catch my breath haha but I am blessed beyond measure so being busy is nothing to complain about.

Anywho! It is Monday and I am already counting down the days to the weekend! Chuck and I are trying to figure out the destination of our next vacation…any ideas? I think this outfit will be perfect for a dinner date. I am thinking somewhere hot and tropical! hehe

Can you believe that I got this jumpsuit at Target? It is so comfortable and is very true to size. I love how it has the bra cup so you don’t have to wear a bra. (If I don’t have to wear a bra, I can promise you right now that I won’t) I just love how I go into a store shopping for “necessities” and end up in the clothing and accessories section! LOL Don’t get me started about skincare and makeup. haha I love how bright and tropical this jumpsuit is and you don’t even need to add much to it to complete the outfit, although I am always throwing more than a few accessories together. 🙂 This necklace is made by a very talented and beautiful soul, and you have to follow her on her Instagram handle @WearHazel . Her jewelry is seriously stunning and durable. I am not a fan of jewelry that falls to pieces the second time you wear it. Hazels jewelry most definitely does not! Now lets talk about this bag! Ladies I bought this bag at Belk for $8!!!!!! Can you believe it!?! It practically goes with almost everything AND the little tassel on the side can be removed if it happens to not go with your outfit. I linked one that is similar because I think it is currently sold out! :/

Well I am so happy to be back and ready to roll with my blogging even more and I really appreciate you all for baring with me. Until next time!



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