Maxi Every Day











The front of this dress is a button up although you don’t necessarily need to “button up” because the back actually zips!


(Here we go with the hair bow again)














DSC_1495_edit (1)






DSC_1549_edit 2


One of my go-tos for Spring and Summer would definitely be a Maxi Dress. (Dont forget it has to have a dope print) haha SERIOUSLY though! When I picked out this particular dress I was actually planning my wardrobe for mine and Chucks annual California trip.

I became obsessed with the long sleeves and open-back immediately. This particular print reminds me of the desert and I LOVE THE DESERT!!!! I guess I like it so much because we don’t have anything remotely close to a desert here on the East Coast. If someone knows of one please tell me! 🙂

This Maxi is super light weight and it does fit pretty true to size although I will say that the first time I tried it on it was a bit tight around the bust, but I have lost weight since then and now it is a little bigger. (I guess I can’t complain right?)

Typically I would pair booties or even some Gladiator sandals to compliment this look so I will tag a few of my favs at the bottom.



Written By: Alyssa Puckett

Photography by: Jessica O’Keefe

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